Cockapoos, Cocker Spaniels & Poodles

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Alexander Family

  Hi Kim, 
I wanted to give you an update on Thunder. My vet examined him on 3/24/14 and found him to be healthy. He commented that you did more things for him than many breeders do for their puppies. He is a wonderful boy and we love him a lot. It's been 12 years since I've had a puppy and one this young. We are doing good on housebreaking but he is a full time job. Our cat Lightning and Thunder get along so well. On my Facebook page (Dan Montgomery) there is a video of them both the day Thunder came home. If you send me a friend request I'll accept so you can see it. Thunder returns to the vet on monday for a booster. I just want to thank you for Thunder, he is a joy and love him so very much. Best Regards, Dan Montgomery, Thunder and Lightning

Good Morning Kim,
Hope all is well with you and your family.
Just sending you an update on our little ball of Chocolate heaven.
Gibbs is doing very well. He is the joy of our home and is Mr. Personality.
He is one spoiled pooch and he knows he is GREATLY loved.
He is enjoying Spring Break with us this week. He loves hanging out with his peeps. LOL
He has about doubled in size and is now over 5 pounds. He is completely potty trained and will use a wee wee pad we put in his crate. He is only crated at night or when we are gone. Since I am home all day he has free run of the house and will run to jump in his crate to use his wee wee pad. We go through two a day right now but it is awesome having him trained to use these so I haven't had to take him out in the cold wind and rain. He is truly the best dog our family has ever owned. Thank you again for helping him get to us. We love him so much and appreciate you raising AWESOME pups.
Have a great day, Shell Alexander and Family




Here is a few pictures attached of Cummins Diesel (CD). He is four months old.
:) still not all the way potty trained. He is a doll though and he loves me andJustin to death.
Here is a story for how great of a dog he is.
One night we ran to the gas station and we left him tied up outside on his leash, because it was one of the few nice days that we had and he was left out there. Well we were gone for maybe an hour and we came home and it was dark. Well CD had gotten loose and he didn't run away! He was so very patiently waiting for us to get home on our front porch! He is a wonderful dog and he got a treat for being so patient lol.
I just want to thank you for him he truly is a blessing! :)
Chelsea, Justin, and CD :)
Hi Kim,
Here is a recent pic of our most joyous Rufus, enjoying some sun.
We're keeping his coat thick and heavy for

Hi Kim,  Minnie got her first haircut today and her Rabies shot on Monday. She is doing  very well. She gained 1pound in 10 days. She is full of life and very smart. We  love her to death.  Thank you again,  Cherryl

Here is a picture of Maggie sleeping with my granddaughter. You can tell how  well the two have bonded.  Mary Brewer