Cockapoos, Cocker Spaniels & Poodles

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Cockapoo Info

Due to many requests for tails to be left on our cockapoo pups, we will no longer be docking tails unless requested between the 3rd and 5th day after birth of a pup that is being purchased with a deposit in hand. We will however have the dew claws removed. After having a litter that did not get tails done on time we found them to be so adorable and have so much personality with the tails, we decided they are better left on. :)


Typical colors

black, white, buff, cream, apricot, red, chocolate; any of these colors with white markings


two or more solid colors, one of which must be white


usually a black or chocolate body with brown or tan color on legs, under tail, eyebrows, side of face


black or dark brown at birth, lightening to a mix of gold, silver, red, brown, or tan; darker points in coloring, usually on the face and ears


parti color with tan markings over eyes, on muzzle, ears, legs and sometimes chest


lighter colors of the base color swirled with the darker base color


single white hairs and white patches intermingled with the base color



Personality. Cockapoos are highly trainable, with a keen intelligence. They are curious and eager to perform. They do well with one-person owners as well as with families with young children. They are very people-oriented, outgoing and happy dogs.

Hair. Coat is usually dense; may be wavy or curly; usually little-to-no-shedding.
Tails. Tails may be docked or not. (Both are acceptable.)
Lifespan. Generally 14 to 18 years, even into the 20’s.
Activity Level. They adapt well to apartments and homes, but are also “at home” on the largest farm. They have a moderate activity level. Cockapoos are not meant to be outside dogs. 

Male vs Female~ Female cockapoos tend to pick on family member as their person, where male cockapoos tend to be close to the whole family, 

Cockapoos are gaining in popularity because they are so easily trained and generally mild mannered. Make sure you are getting a true Cockapoo and not some other mix passed off as a Cockapoo!

Cockapoos are smart and generally healthy. They make good family pets and companions.
                                                                                                                                                                                             COCKAPOO TEMPERAMENT:  The Cockapoo is a very people oriented, outgoing, and happy, dog. With a clown like personality, this breed appeals to the young and old alike. Their forgiving nature makes it unparalleled as a child's dog. They are as much at home in an apartment as they are on the biggest farm.  So if you are looking for a dog that wants to play when you want to play, sleep when you want to sleep, or cuddle and watch TV,  then the Cockapoo is for you!